It all starts with you, not the generic 'you' that is consumed by all of the details of your wedding, but the real you. Each of our short films is uniquely 'you' ~ beautifully told, your story with all the personality and feeling of the day.


Selected Work

from the bottom of my heart, how much it meant to Ryan and myself to have you at our wedding at Ashford Castle. Just know that we saw how hard you were working for us and how very, very honoured we were to have you as part of our big day.
— Juliana + Ryan
As M.O.B when I watched your video this morning I shed a few tears (again!) – firstly, as we are such a long way from home here in West Africa and secondly, all the memories of such a joyous day came flooding back… what can I say ?

Awesome, wonderful, fabulous, incredible, outstanding, marvellous, emotional to name but a few! Here we would say “bom trabalhor”! (great work)
— Lindsay + Andrew

By working with a small number of couples every year, we can take the time to get to know what inspires, excites and drives you; the result is cinema that is relevant, meaningful, and unmistakably you. 

Every wedding we share with our couples is extremely important to us, so we start our collections 'comfortably equipped', which means they provide enough coverage to allow us to properly tell your story. What that also means is our starting collections are a great fit for many couples. 

Ours commissions start from £2,500